Currency Exchange

Currency brokers mostly but not always offer a far better rate of exchange and lower commission than any of the Banks of Building Societies. They also do not charge transfer fees unlike the Banks and the Building Societies. Using a currency exchange service is likely to result in considerable savings

The saving can be surprising. For instance if you want to turn say £100,000 into euros, major Bank may offer you say 113,000 euros. However a currency broker may offer say 115,000 euros. This is a considerable saving. It is worth noting that currency brokers can be used on the sale of a property as well as the purchase of a property. This is not entirely straightforward but we can assist you with this and also make arrangements so that you do not to have to go out to France to sign the Deed of Sale in order to successfully sell your property and repatriate your funds.

Most of my clients are aware of the benefits of using a dedicated currency exchange company. In most cases, unless you are able to obtain commercial rates of exchange from your own bank, using a currency exchange service is likely to result in considerable savings, particularly in relation to the transfer of significant sums of money to buy a French property, or resulting from the sale of a French property. Whilst the objective is to obtain a good exchange rate, it is extremely important to check that your currency exchange company is solvent with a good track record, and adopts best practice, such as segregation of client funds. I encourage my clients to do their own research and ensure they are comfortable with their currency exchange provider.

If you are looking for a currency exchange company, you may wish to call John Mohan ( who is an experienced currency broker at VFX Financial PLC, I have worked with John for many years professionally and personally, and I have found him to be reliable and proactive, which is why I am giving then some space on my website, I receive no commission from VFX plc. Always do your own research. 

VFX state that they offer the following benefits:

Superior foreign exchange rates

no transfer fees

no commissions or fees

dedicated currency manager

online platform/mobile app with 24/7 access

multicurrency card

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