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De Spéville Solicitors work to the exclusive needs of our clients in a clear, dynamic and constructive manner, offering independent advice on a specialist range of niche legal services in both England and France. Our team’s experience in their chosen specialities allows us to offer the highest standards of service for a range of individual, corporate, and international legal requirements.


Born in Canada and now based in Ascot, Noël de Spéville is the founding Director of French Law UK. A practising English solicitor with over 20 years of legal experience including English litigation, French and English succession law, French property law, and cross-jurisdictional and European law involving England and France. He has helped hundreds of clients buy, sell, transfer, inherit or resolve issues relating to French property matters.

Ray Purewal

Ray Purewal has over 10 years  experience in business and commercial law legal issues. A Director and owner he holds a wealth of knowledge in many areas. 

Kashif Majeed

Director and owner, Kashif Majeed has over 10 years  experience in individual and corporate law legal issues. 

French Legal Associates

Gilles d'Aigremont

Gilles d’Aigremont was called to the Bar by Lincoln’s Inn in 1978 and later admitted to the French Bar (Court of Appeal of Paris) in 1992. His sphere of practice is French law, European law and private international law. He specialises in advising clients, both professional and private, in the field of French property and commercial law, French inheritance, business and property taxes, French inheritance law, and European Conventions and Regulations.

Support & Administration

Isabelle Gilby

Legal secretary Isabelle Gilby is a native French speaker equally at home managing cases related to both French and English legal affairs. An expert at dealing with government departments and service providers to help solve problems for clients who own property or businesses, she has been an invaluable part of de Spéville solicitors since joining the firm seven years ago.

Karen Grainger

With 20 years of accounting and legal accounting experience, Karen has provided accounting and financial support to Noël de Spéville for over 12 years.

Professional Insurance

De Spéville Solicitors is a trading style of Business Lawyers Ltd, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and carries professional insurance covering up to £3,000,000 per claim. Our clients’ money is also compulsorily protected by the Solicitors Indemnity Fund.

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