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Considering taking on a business in France, but worried about navigating your way through the French bureaucracy? Noël de Spéville Solicitor can help smooth the way.

Whether you’re buying a ‘gîte’ or opening up a French outpost of an existing British business, Noël de Spéville can walk you through the process, saving you time and cutting down on expensive legal and taxation costs. In particular, in conjunction with his associates in France, he can provide comprehensive advice in relation to employment matters such as hiring and firing staff.

There’s no need for concern about language barriers, either. Noël de Spéville is bilingual and fully qualified in both French and English law, so he can clearly explain all of the essential French regulations and paperwork. With dedicated associates on the ground in France, he can deal with every eventuality and help steer you clear of any likely obstacles – using terminology that makes sense to you.

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