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Noël de Spéville Solicitor has helped numerous clients in situations where they have had an interest or potential interest in French real estate which has devolved to them as a result of French succession law, whether or not there was a Will in place. Noël de Spéville will provide clarity in relation to the law itself, as well as with regard to the processes involved.

By assisting his clients through this often difficult and distressing time, Noël de Spéville Solicitor can ensure that they fully understand their rights and responsibilities as heirs.

French succession law differs considerably to English law, and he will take this into consideration when drafting French Wills. It is generally sensible for UK-based individuals to have one Will dealing with their English assets and a separate Will dealing with their French real estate. Noël de Spéville Solicitor is also able to draw up English Wills, and provide a package for his clients who would like to draw up both English and French Wills.

Noël de Spéville Solicitor is able to draw up proper Wills in French with an English translation for your convenience. Succession laws in France have recently undergone extensive change, potentially allowing greater freedom for your wishes to be expressed in your French Will. If you would like to speak to Noël de Spéville about this, please call.

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