French Commercial Leases & Leasebacks

Every year, thousands of people in the UK purchase French property under so-called “leaseback” schemes, where buyers lease a property back to a management company, who then take care of finding tenants, cleaning, maintenance and bills – thereby limiting additional costs to the purchaser.

In the right circumstances, a leaseback can be an enjoyable and rewarding venture. However, in my view, no sensible person should enter into this type of agreement without fully understanding all of the potential consequences. These schemes, which can run for over 20 years, are often presented by estate agents and developers as a straightforward and safe financial investment. Yet many people are led into signing complex documentation which they may not understand properly, if at all.

Noël de Spéville Solicitor has assisted numerous clients to navigate their way through such purchases, always making sure that his clients know exactly what they are signing up to.

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